...To infinity and beyond!

Most of our findings were as predicted. In accordance with themes of innocence and youth that embody Songs of Innocence, we observed more words such as "happy," "joy," etc. On the other hand, Songs of Experience illustrates darker themes that highlight the evils of adulthood. Predictably, we saw more words with negative connotations such as "night" and "weeping."

To our surpise, we discovered that the distinction between "happy childhood" versus "evil adulthood" may not be as apparent as we first supposed. In fact, words such as "black" and "sorrow" seem to frequent Songs of Innocence just as words with positive connotations often appear in its mirror poems. Given this phenomenon, it seems that Blake did not view childhood and adulthood as wholly separate spheres. Aging is seen as a continuous process with many overlapping themes and discoveries.

One of the ways in which we can further our project is to bridge the poetry to the Blake Archive. In particular, we would like to link the poems to their corresponding color prints so that the reader may experience the full effect of Blake's artistic genius. Additionally, it would be interesting to analyze the relationship between poems of the same collection. Just as how we were able to link the dual panels, it might yield some surprising results if we could view select poems side-by-side within Innocence or Experience.